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Me and my pal Jaeger exploring the Pacific Coastline of Washington State

Latent: Existing in hidden or dormant form, but capable of being brought to light

Manifest: Easily understood or recognized by the mind

I love a good story. Books, movies, television shows, stage plays, musicals; it really doesn’t matter what form it takes, if it’s a good story, I’m in.

As a documentary filmmaker, my love of story manifested into a love of story-telling. I’ve told the inspiring stories of fascinating people from around the world, and received eight Mid-Atlantic Emmys for my work as a non-fiction storyteller.

Now, I’m focusing my lifelong love of storytelling inward to chronicle the fictional worlds and characters of my imagination. My writing fuses elements of magical realism, thriller, and action/adventure to create a unique style of upmarket fiction.

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Aspiring novelist and delusional writer in quantum superposition.